24 Coolest Breakfast Gadgets

Check out these 24 coolest breakfast gadgets.

1. Ceramic Bacon Cooker

Ceramic Bacon Cooker

RakutenI’m sorry–why wasn’t this breaking news? A ceramic pot that cooks bacon? I’ll take 5.

2. 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

3-in-1 Breakfast Maker

AmazonThe Sunpentown BM-1107 is a combination frying pan, toaster, and coffeemaker, which makes it on par with the greatest inventions ever known to man. In one fell swoop you can have your pot of coffee, fried eggs, and toast all in one phenomenal device. Clearly magic is real.

3. Egg Shaper

Egg Shaper

DotzilaHave you ever made an egg and been disappointed by its lack of awesome shape? Have no fear, this egg (or pancake!) shaper gives you four different fun options to brighten your breakfast creations.

4. Pancake Pen

Pancake Pen

AmazonShaping pancakes is a difficult and thankless task, but with the Pancake Pen you can easily write fun messages and draw interesting shapes without creating the biggest mess in the history of messes. Perfection!

5. Never Soggy Breakfast Bowl

Never Soggy Breakfast Bowl

AmazonThe real mystery is how it took humanity so long to invent this. Never again will my Lucky Charms turn into mushy brown sugar shapes in 15 minutes. Never again.

6. 5 Minute Breakfast Sandwich Maker

5 Minute Breakfast Sandwich Maker

AmazonThis magnificent invention creates delicious breakfast sandwiches in FIVE minutes, which is less time than it takes to move one space in line at McDonalds. Skip the line and go DIY.

7. Color Changing Mug

Color Changing Mug

Syg MallBefore that first cup of coffee in the morning, it can feel like you are not really “on”. If you have this awesome color-changing mug, you can just show it to everyone you encounter without having to explain you aren’t really a morning person.

8. Glass Toaster

Glass Toaster

Williams SonomaToasters really are fascinating devices, aren’t they? Keep your toast in a bit too long and suddenly it’s all charcoal everywhere. But with this awesome see-through toaster from Williams Sonoma, you can actually see your bread being toasted, which means a perfect breakfast every time.

9. Butter Cutter

Butter Cutter

AmazonSometimes the hardest part of having a good bagel or piece of toast is the proper distribution of butter. With the Butter Cutter, you will get a perfect slice of butter every single time.

10. Personal Iced Coffee Brewer

Personal Iced Coffee Brewer

Hamilton BeachCoffee is great, isn’t it? But in the sweltering heat of summer, only one thing makes the days bearable, and that’s iced coffee. For those of us who cannot afford a daily Starbucks run, this iced coffee maker from Hamilton Beach is the perfect way to enjoy a fresh pot without breaking the bank.

11. Banana Slicer

Banana Slicer

Williams SonomaBananas are notoriously difficult to cut into equal pieces, but with this handy banana slicer, you can just squeeze exact banana slices directly into your mouth (if that’s your thing).

12. Waffle Stick Maker

Waffle Stick Maker

Crepes de FranceAccording to Leslie Knope, the greatest things are life are friends, waffles, and work. Waffles on a STICK probably come before friends, don’t you think?

13. Donut Maker

Donut Maker

AmazonThis easy to use (and easy to clean!) donut maker takes the deep-frying out of donut making, which is really the only reason donuts aren’t made at home. Because donuts are the greatest breakfast food ever invented (it’s science).

14. Egg Separator

Egg Separator

AmazonThe Mr. Sniffles egg separator is the coolest way to separate the yolk, as the egg white comes out his nose. So gross, yet so cool.

15. Bacon Press

Bacon Press

AmazonOne of the hardest parts of cooking bacon is making sure that all the pieces are lying flat, but with this pork-shaped bacon press all of those worries vanish.

16. Holy Toast Stamp

Holy Toast Stamp

Perpetual KidBecause sometimes toast with the face of Jesus is the only way to start your morning.

17. Hardboiled Egg Holder

Hardboiled Egg Holder

AmazonWhat else are you going to use to hard-boiled eggs? A plate? Pssh.

18. Open Sesame Break Cutter

Open Sesame Break Cutter

AmazonIt’s literally not possible to cut bagels in half evenly unless you have been trained by a wizard, so this device that holds your bagel still while you cut it is a godsend.

19. Bubble Waffle Maker

Bubble Waffle Maker

Bed Bath and BeyondThe greatest thing about the Bubble Waffle Maker is that you can start eating your waffles like you would an ice cream cone. So amazing.

20. Mini Donut Maker

Mini Donut Maker

Bed Bath and BeyondFor when you need 30 mini donuts at once. Which is ALL THE TIME.

21. Greek Yogurt Maker

Greek Yogurt Maker

Bed Bath and BeyondGreek Yogurt is the most delicious AND expensive varieties of yogurt, so it’s only reasonable to start making your own. Bonus points if you start speaking Greek while you work.

22. Fun Omelette Maker

Fun Omelette Maker

AmazonThis omelette maker takes stress out of creating omelettes (there is a ton of stress involved) and allows you the ability to make different types of omelettes at once!

23. Rollie EggMaster

Rollie EggMaster

AmazonThe Rollie EggMaster is on of the most interesting breakfast inventions I’ve ever seen. Basically it’s a vertical grill that cooks your eggs in a few minutes, but in a cylindrical shape. Which means you eat your breakfast while on the move, an always important but often overlooked way of eating eggs.

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