25 Stunning Color Photographs From Over 100 Years Ago

Check out the 25 stunning color photographs from over 100 years ago. 


ImgurCornflowers, 1910.

BoredPanda.comChapel on the site of the ancient city of Belozersk, 1909

ImgurKhan of the Russian Protectorate of Khorezm (Khiva, now Uzbekistan), named Isfandiyar Jurji Bahadur, 1910.

ImgurNikolaevskii Cathedral, Mozhaisk, 1911.

ImgurJewish children in Samarkand, 1910.

ImgurA switch operator on the Trans-Siberian Railroad, 1910.

ImgurWorkers lay concrete for a dam’s sluice at the Oka River, 1912.

ImgurA woman in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, 1910.

ImgurProkudin-Gorskii rides in a handcar, 1910.

ImgurCarrying water, 1910.

ImgurSleeping along the shore of Lake Lindozero, 1910.

Harvesting hay, 1909.

ImgurWhite Lake, Russia, 1909

ImgurEmir Seyyid Mir Mohammed Alim Kha, Emir of Bukhara, 1910.

Boy leaning on a fence, 1910.

ImgurNomadic Kirghiz, 1910.

ImgurSukhumi, Abkhazi, 1910.

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