25000 A Night Hotel Stay In New York City

A stay in this hotel will cost you $25,000 a night. 

The three-story, 5,000 square foot Jewel Suite by Martin Katz and The Champagne Suite complete the luxury hotel’s impressive $140 million renovations

Both luxurious new suites boast exquisite design, while offering guests special access and amenities they will find nowhere else. The two 5,000 square foot suites sit 53 stories above Manhattan at the top of the hotel’s exclusive hotel-within-a-hotel The Towers, and both are shining additions to the luxurious hotel’s already extraordinary new catalog of rooms and suites.

The Champagne Suite was designed by notable New York-based design firm BBG-BBGM, led by Interiors Partner and Principal Designer Amy Jakubowski. The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz was designed as a collaboration between renowned jeweler to the stars, Martin Katz and BBG-BBGM.

“Having the chance to curate and create specialty, one-of-a-kind spaces within the confines of a resplendent luxury property was the opportunity of a lifetime,” explained Jakubowski. “We saw it as a means to design visionary spaces that offer guests meaningful, multi-sensory experiences unlike any other. It is our hope that guests leave with an impression of luxury not found elsewhere and that will resonate with them well beyond their visit.”

The magnificent Jewel Suite by Martin Katz is adorned in rich fabrics and glittering jewel-inspired tones and finishes to create an atmosphere suggestive of luxury and romance. The experience begins when guests step into the Jewel Suite, encountering lavish Port Laurent stone floors, diamond-like wall coverings in soothing jewel tones, a stunning 20-foot ‘diamond waterfall’ chandelier, and ‘floating’ crystal jewel boxes encasing haute couture jewelry creations by Martin Katz – a permanent installation of the stunning foyer art and design. The sprawling Grand Parlor is flooded with light from the suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows, highlighting the grand piano sitting center stage.

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