30 Heart-Melting Friendships Between Puppies And Babies


The two most cutest things are babies and puppies! So imagine combining both of them together, you get the most heart melting pictures you have ever seen. Here are 30 heart melting friendships between puppies and babies.  So cute!

1. This baby has the best pillow in the world:

0zgdILJSource: i.imgur.comIt looks so soft and fluffy and perfectly perfect.

2. These snuggle buddies:


3. These guys having the cutest stare off ever:


4. This pair that are rocking the big spoon/little spoon:


5. These cuties sharing a fond head nuzzle:


6. This pup that is just trying to find a good place to rest its chin:


7. This pair that is tucked in all tight:


8. This famous pair of cuddlers:

tumblr_n1jxpyraio1tpxzvbo1_500Theo, the pup, and Beau, the toddler, are known around the world for their snuggle sessions.

9. This pair that are sharing a laugh:


10. This baby lucky enough to get 3 sleeping buddies:


11. This pup who is keeping watch:


13. These sweethearts sharing a kiss:


14. These snugglers who probably don’t even know they sleep identically:


15. This little boy who tried to hide with the puppies but fell asleep instead:


16. This sweet, protective dog:


17. This baby who has no problem being a human pillow:


18. Neither does this little one:


19. These best friends playing on their tummies:


20. This adorable little one taking a milk break on her furry pillow:

12 thesnoopdoggofscience

21. This little guy who isn’t sure if he’s enjoying this kiss:

11 we heart it

22. These three puppy siblings:

10 connectedwelive

23. These two buddies just messing around:

9 tumblr

24. These two that are participating in the cutest hug of all time:

8 tumblr

25. This pup who’s been awake for a while now, but is going to let her keep napping:

7 tumblr

26. This adorable little Oklahoma fan:

6 behavela

27. This adorable over-the-shoulder shot of this hug:

5 weheartit

28. This sweet snuggle/kiss:

4 tumblr

29. This little one who paid their pup a visit in the cone of shame:

2 love this pic

30. This is the luckiest baby in the world:

3 tumlr

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