Amazing Bonsai Trees

Check out these amazing Bonsai Trees.

40 year old Coast Redwood


speacock.netBonsai means “tray planting,” and it is the small pots in combination with pruning and other techniques that keep the bonsais looking like miniature versions of mature trees.

Over 40 year old Chinese Banyan


wikimedia.orgThe art of bonsai has been practiced for many centuries and is normally attributed to the Japanese. However, it was actually derived from the similar art of Penjing practiced by Chinese nobles.

This style of bonsai is meant to mimic a forest.


farm3.staticflickr.comThere are many different styles of bonsai and different countries have their own unique variation.

Lilac that will smell as great as it looks while it blooms


Cascade style of bonsai


blogspot.comTo achieve the desired shape, thin metal wires are used to bend and guide the trunk and branches.

A Japanese Maple that is about 100 years old (across seasons)


walter-pall.deBonsai trees are not just indoor plants. They are like their larger counterparts and should be exposed to all the seasons that the regular sized tree would.

60 year old Crabapple Tree


25 year old Cherry Tree


walter-pall.deBonsai trees are the exact same as the full-sized trees, not dwarf or hybrid varieties.

Cherry Blossom in full bloom


imgur.comVirtually any tree can be used as a bonsai tree, but some species deal with the constraining condition better than others.

artofbonsai.orgOne of the oldest bonsai trees, this Japanese White Pine has been around since 1625. It even survived the Hiroshima bombing.

wikimedia.orgIndividual bonsai trees can be hundreds of years old and aren’t always so small. Some can be over 6 feet tall.

Making use of deadwood


peterteabonsai.wordpress.comBelow is the same tree before being cleaned up and show ready. You can really see all the effort it take to maintain a bonsai in pristine condition.

Bonsai during winter


Even without leaves, bonsais can still be interesting. It allows you to see how they are pruned to achieve the desired shape.

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