This Is The Most Brilliant Thing I’ve Seen In A Long Time. I Didn’t Even Know It Was Possible.

There are so many intricately beautiful things in nature that we perhaps take for granted on a day-to-day basis. Honeybees, for instance, are beautiful little artists that most don’t pay attention to. Even as their populations began to dwindle, many people didn’t care beyond reading headlines. Not Aganetha Dyck, though. She is a Canadian artist who is interested in environmental issues and found a way to brilliantly incorporate honeybees into her work.

This series of her work is called Honeybee Alterations. This incredible artwork is currently on display at the Ottawa School of Art, if you’d like to see it in person.

Otherwise, visit Aganetha’s site for more information on her work with the honeybees. Her work “raises ideas about our shared vulnerability, while at the same time elevating the ordinariness of our humanity.”

Source: Aganetha Dyck

Share her unique work with others. They may never look at another bees’ nest the same way again.

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